About the D-LAW Scholarship

About the D-LAW Scholarship

We are now accepting applications.

You can send your completed application or questions to applications@deaf-law.org.

Do you want to become a lawyer so that you can advocate for the rights of deaf people in your country? If yes, you can apply for the D-LAW Scholarship!

To be a candidate, you must satisfy two requirements:

  • First, you must also have a strong relationship with your local deaf community and demonstrate your commitment to advocating for the human rights of deaf people.
  • Second, you must have strong academic skills, including strong writing and reading skills.

The scholarship will help pay for law school tuition in your country. If necessary, the scholarship will also pay for sign language interpreters so you can attend law school.

Tell us about yourself:

  • Letter of Interest
    • Explain your record of leadership in your deaf community
    • Explain why you want to become a lawyer
    • Explain the entrance requirements for law school and how you meet these requirements
    • Explain how you will use your law degree to advocate for the deaf community
  • Short personal narrative video
    • What are some things we should know about you? Tell us a little about yourself in sign language (maximum length: 3 minutes).

Guidelines for your personal narrative

Your application will contain both written and video components.

Written: What language should you use? You can use your native language.

Video: What sign language should you use? You have two options:

  1. International Sign;
  2. your native sign language with subtitles or transcript in your native written language.


Additional required materials:

  • Letter of Support
    • You must provide a letter from a local deaf association.
  • Letters of recommendation
    • You must provide two letters of recommendation from teachers or professors.
  • Budget
    • You must put together a budget that provides the following information:
      • How much would law school cost?
      • How much would interpreters or captioning cost?


After you apply, we will review your application and follow up with you. If you have questions, you can contact us at applications@deaf-law.org.