Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key characteristics of a D-LAW scholar?

The key characteristics of a D-LAW Scholar are:

  1. Proven dedication to advocacy on behalf of and/or leadership within the DLAW Scholar’s local deaf community.
  2. Intent to focus legal career on advancing the rights of deaf and hard of hearing people in the DLAW Scholar’s country.
  3. Strong academic skills, including strong writing and reading skills.
  4. Completion of all prerequisites for law school.
  5. Submitted a complete application by the deadline.
  6. Clear evidence of ability to succeed in the challenging environment of law school.


What materials are required for a completed application?

Learn about the application process on our website by following this link.

If I have applied previously, can I re-apply?

Yes. If applicants meet all the requirements for the scholarship and did not previously receive a D-LAW Scholarship they may reapply, though no preference will be given to individuals who have previously applied.

What support will I have as a D-LAW Scholar?

D-LAW will provide financial support, including tuition and living expenses, to make sure you can attend law school full-time with interpreters or other accommodations such as captioning.  D-LAW will also connect you to a mentors who can offer guidance as you progress through law school.

How much financial support does the D-LAW Scholarship provide?

Financial support varies, based on each individual’s law school tuition, costs of interpreter services or other accommodations such as captioning, and living expenses.  Your application must include a proposed budget, which D-LAW will review every year, adjusting as needed.

What do I have to do to maintain a D-LAW Scholarship?

D-LAW Scholars must remain in good standing with their law schools.  This means completing passing all classes and staying on track to graduate on time.

D-LAW scholars must also continue community service to the deaf community (3 hours/week) and provide weekly updates to D-LAW.

D-LAW will require scholars to provide transcripts every semester, and may require additional information to confirm academic progress towards completion of the law degree. D-LAW will withdraw support of scholars not meeting scholarship requirements.